Thursday, September 29, 2005

my micro-teaching

Yes!!! finally my micro - teaching is over haha. Well was kind of nervous today as you all can tell but hopefully i wasnt that bad. i started off by asking the class what are their views and understandings of weathering to see if they have any idea what weathering is and as usual only afew of you responded. So i decided to use a model of a rock (well it doesnt really resembles a rock due to my poor art skills haha) to give the class a very simplfied demonstration of what weathering is all about. i thought its a good and interesting way to kick start a topic which the students are new to. Not only does it arouse the students' interest as they get to see a so called "performance" by the teacher but at the same time the demonstration was easy to understand and follow.

Next came the lesson proper whereby ppt was used to deliver the lesson. Here i have to confess a mistake which i made. I totally forgot to issue out the worksheets before i started the ppt presentation haha. Only after a few slides were shown then i realised that and quickly issue out the worksheet haha. And i tried to cover myself by diverting your attention to the worksheets by saying that there are blanks in them and you must pay attention to the ppt in order to copy down the missing words hehe.

Because of the time constraint, i kind of like just briefly explain through some of the weathering types but given an actually double period class, i will definitely elaborate more on each of the processes.

Also i thought it was a good idea to give students additional resources for those who are really interested in the topic so that they can look up for more information in their own leisure time. some sample questions were also included to assess students' understanding of what has been taught. From the students' answers, whether correct or wrong, we can then deduce how they think or rationalise the concepts. i also included the preview of what the students will be doing for the next lesson so as to let the students get a feel of what to expect as well as ensuring a smooth transition flow.

Although i didnt have time to carry out the group, the first group activity is actually a fun way of getting the students to participate and it also test the students' understanding of certain concepts plus their memory work because if the students had not understand and remember what was taught they would not be able to piece parts of the strips together and eventually come up with an answer to the question. As for the second activity the rationale was not only to let students demonstrate what they have learn but also to let them be more creative as they are alllowed to draw, write, colour, basically anything they want that will convey their ideas of what type of weathering or weathering processes that will occur in a particular climate. At the same time it also trains them on their communication and presentation skills when they present their ideas to the whole class so that next time round they will be more vocal and participate more actively in discussion.

last but not least, regarding the blind parent who only speaks Malay incident. Hmmmm i must admit i was quite shock and didnt know what to do at first. the parent was like bumping around and could not understand English. Only when Mas explained to me what has heppened then i realised whats going on. Im not sure if i did the right thing by letting the parent to sit in class but he was like falling all over the place so i had no choice but to make him sit down first then we can talk things out. As for the language barrier, i had Mas to translate for me so its not that bad. But in my mind as i was handling the incident, i was asking myself should i let Mas go back home because her grandma is sick? i finally decided that i should let her go back but just then Mas said she didnt want to go back cos she would have to take care of her grandma and she didnt like it. Then the question popped up in my head again, " should i make her go back"? hmmm then i finally come to a decision and that i should make her go back at least to check and see that everything is ok. And perhaps i should also ask a students to accopany them to the general office and notify the OM and get the OM to phone Mas's grandma to make sure that the incident is real and that everything is ok. besides all these, im really at a lost as to what i should and can do . hmmm comments anyone?


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At 6:49 AM, Blogger S W said...

Hi Daren,
Thanks for the tip on giving students more resources for those interested to explore on their own. Thanks thanks.


At 11:54 AM, Blogger xoxo said...

Being an inexperienced trainee, I think you really should let the more "lao jiao" teachers (the form teacher or a malay teacher since you are hindered by the language barrier etc) handle the parent... while standing by the side to observe and evaluate how you can improve on the matter if you encounter such incidents again in the future. I agree that such sudden/off hand incidents are difficult to handle but it is certainly good training dude! Steady pom pee pee!

At 12:01 PM, Blogger xoxo said...

Eh? Wait... your teaching class is fake?! KNN dio pian! NO NO NO NO Don't funk with my heart!

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