Thursday, August 18, 2005

comments on micro teaching #2

Hi guy, ok just had our second micro teaching yesterday and it was great really enjoyed it. i think Liyan and Yizhen did a great job on their part by delivering wonderful lesson. there are many stuffs that i learnt from them which i personally feel that is quite useful and innovative. For example, bringing real life samples into class to let students see and feel can create an interest in the subject and perhaps allow them to remember the facts better and longer as most of the students are visual learners. i also like Yizhen's activity of making the students draw on a plastic sheet over the photographs to test their understanding of fault lines. I thought this is very creative and useful as it incoperates both real life visuals with concepts taught in class. Liyan and Yizhen also showed great competence and confidence even though they are bombarded by questions from lily, our top student haha. i feel that teachers should develop this kind of confidence beacuse you will never know when and what kind of questions students will ask you. Sometimes even the most knowledgable teachers get tongue-tied because the questions come so suddenly and also because of the lack of confidence. Besides the great use of IT, both of them also have mind maps, diagrams, models and other visuals which i thought was good as it can illustrate the concepts clearly to the students.

However with the good points, there also a bit of setbacks here and there. let me brieftly just gothrough some of these. im not very sure if Liyan's method of confiscating students' ez-link and IC was a good idea. to begin with, when students are told to take out these items, they might tend to play around with it and because these cards are of quite high importance (especially IC), we wouldnt want the risk of losing them when the students play around with them. Also students might not give the teacher their cards when they are told and they might "play" around with the teacher saying that they "do not have any cards" in their wallets as what Daphne had said. In such cases, does the teacher snatch the wallet from the student or does she take her money instead as Rezal had promptly blurted out. I dont think this is a good thing to do hence on the whole, i think this method is not very feasible.

Also, i noticed Liyan did hit wesley on the shoulder as wesley was making alot of noise and refusing to coperate. I know Wesley deserves it ...oooppsss haha, but im not quite sure if this kind of physical contact is advisable, especially between male teachers and female students. So maybe there could be other ways to discipline the student instead.

Another thing which i feel is important is the fact that during Yizhen's lesson, Wesley and shu juan are kind of like sleeping, putting their heads on the table. Maybe Yizhen was too concentrated on the naughty "kids" at the back so she didnt see them. Even my CT once told me that sometimes the teacher know that the naughty students are sleeping but they simply ignore them because its better for the teacher to teach as the naughty students are sleeping and will not disrupt the lesson. BUt to me i think this is really a terrible thing to do because you will never know what is happening to the kid. He/she may not be sleeping, he/she may have just taken 20 sleeping pills and on the brink of death and you actually allow him/her to lie there for the entire period!!! So sleeping or not, students should always be awake and ready to learn when the teacher is in the class.

ok lastly, when wesley asked Liyan something about karst. Liyan tend to like just focus on Wesley and just answering to him. What i feel is that if the question is good and beneficial to the whole class maybe Liyan can ask Wes;y to repeat his question to the whole class and then Liyan can address the question with the whole class. In such a way the whole class is benefitted and everyone can learn something.

Ok think ill end here fingers tired already :) will shared my views with u guys again another time k. Thats all Folks....


At 8:34 AM, Blogger Hermit said...

Hiya georocks!

THank you for the honest comment about my microteaching session. Guess I saw Wes as my fellow peer and since I was in tune to just hamtaming him straight, it slipped my mind that he was a student. And no, I have no violent tendencies. ;P

I agree with you the point abt the ez-link card thing. The students nowadays are so sneaky that they might turn around and sabo you by accusing you of taking their wallets or something.

Seriously, I admit I'm stumped when dealing with defiant students, as demonstrated during the microteaching session. U must have noted that I was kinda slack with bananasaviour. I guess it had to do with my "give-up-on-this-class" attitude when about half of the lesson was GONE in dealing with disciplinary issues. Not sure if I should have been like that but yah, as I said, it's extremely disruptive to me.

Once again, thank you very much for your comments! ;)

At 8:52 AM, Blogger xoxo said...

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